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Bowzer Friendly Bridal Parties

Since the domestication of animals, pets have become just like a member of the family.  In fact, now-a-days some people even refer to their pets as their children!  Man’s best friend has surely become a comfortable additional to plenty of households across the world.  With the popularity of puppy fashion labels and strollers for dogs, I have to stop and ask myself, could dogs possibly phase out the traditional flower girl and ring bearer or simply become an addition to what people are considering tradition?

My family has two four legged members but had they been at my wedding ceremony, the outcome probably would have ended up looking like something from one of the Beethoven films!  If your pups are far too rambunctious for your ceremony, another pet-positive wedding trend is photo ops with your precious pooch.  Even though Sparky may be a sweet angel, here is a list of a few extra suggestions to make sure that your big day doesn’t become the dog days!

Dogs at Wedding Ceremonies

Poodle (above) & Goldendoodle (below)

  • Check the venue location for your wedding ceremony.  Some religious institutions may not allow dogs on property.  Dogs are not allowed in some areas of certain beaches that I have been to.  Be conscious of the hazards and leash enforcements at your venue as well!
  • So maybe Fido isn’t totally replacing your precious niece as the flower girl.  You may want to consider having a two-legged escort for your dog if you are considering utilizing your pet as the ring bearer!  Check out these doggie duds by Silly Buddy to dress your doggie up for your big day!  Could you imagine a runaway dog AND a runaway ring?!
  • Check with your bridal party and be sure that no one that will be in direct contact with your pup is allergic!
  • Stash a few treats in a bridesmaid’s clutch just in case some powers of persuasion are necessary.
  • Be sure that he or she has been walked beforehand so that there aren’t any surprises on the way up the aisle.
  • Lastly, organize a plan of action once you say “I do,” so that you and the rest of your bridal party can relax and have a blast without having to pet sit.

Still need more convincing on including your puppy in the partying?  Hopefully a few of my favorite pooch friendly wedding pictures that focus on Fido will change your mind!

Have a luxe day,

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Wishing You a Luxe 2013!

Happy New Year

May your new year be full of prosperity, good fortune, and most of importantly, lots of luxe!  Thank you to everyone who supported Blue Box Luxe in 2012 and we look forward to working with you in 2013!

Have a luxe new year,
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Kick Back With A Wedding Reception Lounge

Wedding Reception Lounge

Forecasted to be one of the top wedding trends of 2013, wedding reception lounges slowly made their way into wedding receptions during this year and seemed to explode with popularity!  What is a wedding reception lounge?  Think plush seating and gorgeous florals in an area that is tucked back from all the action of the dance floor yet still close enough for everyone to mingle.  A wedding reception lounge is the perfect comfy setting for the dancing fools to rest their aching feet or for other guests to simply sit and socialize.
Wedding Reception Lounges

Want to make your wedding reception lounge really stand out?  Go for all white decor with pops of color from fresh florals or modern uplighting.  The great thing about reception lounges is that they can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be.  Go all out with a bourbon and cigar bar for the guys and tea service and petit fours for the ladies or stay simple with just some refreshments and comfortable lounge style seating.  However you decide to dress up your wedding reception lounge, be sure to make it comfortable and cozy and it will surely be a hit!

Have a luxe day,
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Oh la la Lingerie!

Wedding Night Lingerie

Wedding Night Lingerie

It’s no secret that weddings have definitely been getting a whole lot spicier over the years!  One of the latest wedding photography trends happens to be getting quite intimate!  Brides-to-be all over are having photographers snap them in their intimates as a special gift for their honeys!  It’s a new trend called boudoir photography and let me tell ya, it’s definitely not yo momma’s wedding photos!  Boudoir photos are hardly as scandalous as some people make them out to be.  They are usually done in bridal lingerie or what photographers call “implied nudity” which means while the bride may be in her birthday suit, nothing x-rated is in the camera’s view!  Sensual and seductive, these photos are definitely something you’ll want to give to your groom in private!  Maybe after the reception is over and you two get back to the comforts of your hotel room!  What a way to set the spicy tone for a romantic honeymoon!

Make sure your lingerie choice is sexy ladies!  Also, don’t forget to plan out what you decide to wear underneath your wedding dress!  Any old bra and panties just won’t do!  Go all out for your big day!  Some people choose to wear shape wear under their gown while some brides opt for having cups sewn into their gown and go bra-less!  If your dream gown doesn’t allow for very creative under garment options then pack something away in your overnight bag that you can change into once you get back to your wedding night destination!  Some designers have caught on to the bridal lingerie trend and are incorporating lingerie lines into their collections for brides.  Claire Pettibone is one bridal gown designer who has used her soft, feminine touch from designing wedding gowns and used it to create tasteful yet sensual lingerie for brides!  Whether you end up wearing a sexy bra and panty set with garter belts or a sweet baby doll nightie, you’re groom will sure to not be able to keep his hands off of you!  Just be sure to leave your pajama pants or moo-moo in the nightstand!

Have a luxe day,

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Photo Credit: Image 1: Lace JumperRuffled Babydoll dressBride & Groom Lace Panty & Veil  Image 2: Claire PettiboneClaire PettiboneLace & FrillsPolka dot Panty

Designer Spotlight: Elie Saab

Elie Saab for Pronovias
Elie Saab for Pronovias

In 1982, at the age of 18, Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab launched his Beirut based collection.  Self taught, Saab always knew he wanted to make a career out of fashion design.  He gained overnight recognition in 2002 after becoming the first ever Lebanese designer to dress an Oscar winner when Halle Berry wore a burgundy Saab gown to accept her Oscar for “Best Actress.”

This year, Elie Saab teamed up with Pronovias to lend his design aesthetic to an exclusive bridal gown line bearing his name.  The images above are from Saab’s 2013 collection for Pronovias.  Recently showcased at Bridal Fashion Week, it is clear that his philosophy is quality over quantity.  His exquisite work and detailing is apparent in the lovely gowns created for the upcoming season.  Creating romantic yet fashion forward gowns is something that seems to come naturally to Elie Saab.  I am absolutely loving his 2013 collection!  So elegant!  The short gown with the long train, while not something I would wear, is totally quirky for the bride that can pull off a fun look on her wedding day!  I can not wait to see what else Elie Saab has in store for the future of bridal fashion!

Have a luxe day,

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Perfectly Peony!

Wedding Day Peonies

Native of Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America, peonies are large fragrant flowers that are available in red to white as well as yellow.  The peony is named after Paean, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing.  Asclepius is said to have become jealous of his pupil Paean.  Zeus saved Paean from the wrath of his teacher and turned him into what is now known as the peony flower!  The peony is often used in wedding decor and wedding floral arrangements.  Their large, beautiful blooms draw attention and showcase beauty to centerpieces and bridal bouquets.  Peonies can be combined with other flowers to create an exotic looking arrangement or stand alone for a lovely bouquet.  Only available for a short time each year, brides love peonies so much that they have been known to plan their entire wedding around the season of which peonies are in bloom.

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Mercury Glass: Go Away or Here to Stay?

Mercury Glass Wedding Decor

Mercury glass, or silvered glass, has been a huge wedding trend for quite sometime now.  Mercury glass is a technique that is created when glass is blown double walled and a liquid silvering solution is added between the two layers.  The effect is pretty magical, especially when the mercury glass is added to a centerpiece with candlelight and a beautiful floral arrangement.  Mercury glass is the perfect decor accessory for a vintage glam or romantic wedding theme.  The question is however; should mercury glass go away or is it here to stay?  I am not sure about you guys but mercury glass is something that I find appealing.  Its quite beautiful and of course it is no secret that I love all things metallic!  My thought on mercury glass is that I would rather see it at a wedding than mason jars any day!  So I think mercury glass will be around for quite a while longer as far as wedding decor is concerned!

Mercury Glass Wedding Decor

Mercury glass is very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down to meet any wedding theme and looks fabulous either way.  It is the perfect accent piece for any wedding type but I definitely think it works best with romantic themed weddings!  When used with candlelight, the mercury glass instantly takes a whimsical, surreal glow that adds sparkle and pizzazz to any room!  Would you use mercury glass at your ceremony?  Or have you?  Share your photos on the Blue Box Luxe Facebook Page!

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What’s Your Bouquet Style?

Bridal Bouquet Style

 So you figured out what flowers you want for your big day but did you know that there are different types of bouquets to choose from as well? That’s right!  Not only do you need to pick out what type of flowers you are going to use, you also need to decide on the bouquet style as well.  Here a glimpse into the different types of bridal bouquets and what flowers work best!

Nosegay Bouquet – Perfect for a classic, traditional, or formal wedding.  A nosegay bouquet is a globelike arrangement of tightly packed flowers.  A nosegay bouquet is often dominated by one type of flower or one color of flower.  Roses and peonies work best for nosegay bouquets.
Cascade Bouquet – Ideal for a romantic wedding, the cascade bouquet works best with white flowers such as gardenias and orchids but can be used with a variety of flowers.  A cascade bouquet looks exactly the way that it sounds — flowers flowing downward like a waterfall.
Hand-tied Bouquet – Best arranged with hydrangeas, dahlias, and daisies, a had-tied bouquet looks best at casual weddings.  A popular bouquet choice, the hand-tied bouquet is much like the nosegay bouquet except loosely gathered and tied together with some type of ribbon.
Composite Bouquet  – Over the top and lavish, the composite bouquet is something that not all florists are capable of.  Roses and white lilies are perfect for this arrangement.  A composite bouquet is achieved by creating a flower out of individually wired or glued petals.
Arm Bouquet – Cala lilies work best for this bridal bouquet.  Made to be carried over one arm, the flowers in this bouquet are often long stemmed and loosely tied with ribbon.  Not the most popular bouquet choice, this bouquet has a more modern look.
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Here Comes The Trend!

Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding gown designers have come an extremely long way from the days of yesteryear!  Tradition seems to have been turned on its head, with gowns looking nothing like they did even fifty years ago.  The silhouette isn’t the only thing that has been changed.  Even the colors of wedding gowns have dared to be different!  Here is a look at the top trends coming to a wedding gown near you!

Barebacks – Gone are the days of wearing a bra!  Wedding dresses seem to have taken a backwards plunge recently.  Be prepared to show off some skin with this trend ladies!  Tone up those back muscles and exfoliate your skin to ensure a gorgeous hint of skin from behind!
Pastels - Gone are the days of cream and white wedding gowns.  Designers are creating sweet gowns in shades of light pinks, baby blues, and soothing greens.  Too much color for you?  Jazz up your white or cream gown with pops of pastel instead of the whole dress!
Tulle – This lightweight netting is creeping its way into wedding gowns.  Designers are creating full ball skirts, tutus, and other plush silhouettes and breaking away from the sleek silhouettes of bridal gowns.  Talk about sheer elegance!
High Necks – Sick of showing off your shoulders with a strapless gown?  Maybe a high neck silhouette is more your style!  Frame your face to perfection with a gorgeous high neckline silhouette!

Whether you go traditional or dare to be different with a modern wedding gown, you are sure to be a show-stopper on your wedding day!  Have a luxe day,

Best Blooms For Your Big Day!

Wedding Flowers

There are TONS of options when it comes to choosing your flowers for your big day.  Choosing your flowers is something that should be taken care of way in advance of your wedding as waiting until last minute could increase the price of the flowers or you could be left without any!  Having trouble figuring out what flowers you want for your bouquets and centerpieces?  Here’s a list of the top 5 flower choices for weddings!

Rose – Roses are extremely popular choices for wedding flowers!  Associated with beauty and love, the rose has long been used in stories of romance.  Available in a huge array of types and color options, the rose is one of the top choices amongst brides for their wedding.  With over 3,000 varieties to choose from, you are bound to find one that you love!
Tulips –  With tons of color options, the tulip adds an interesting shape and structure to your wedding day flowers.  Often associated with the Netherlands, the tulip is actually a native of Persia.  With an affordable price tag, tulips are a top contender for big day blooms!
Calla Lily – In the language of flowers, the calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty.  Most often chosen in cream for weddings, the calla lily is also available in yellow, orange, pink, and purple and also comes in two sizes, the large headed variety as well as a miniature option.
Lily of the Valley – Plentiful during the spring, lilies of the valley are available year round but can be very pricey.  Known as the “ladder to heaven,” the lily of the valley is almost always seen in white but can be found in an extremely rare pink color option.
Hydrangeas – Moderately priced and scentless, the hydrangea has a dramatic head of colorful blooms that are often used to fill out arrangements and bouquets.  Often called the “flower of vanity” during the Victorian era, hydrangeas are available in green, pink, burgundy, and blue.

Hope this helps you narrow down your decision on the hundreds of flower options available!
Have a luxe day,